“Combined Federal Campaign” Letter #1

Make a list of everyone you know who works for the federal government and send them this letter by email or US Postal Service. It is estimated that approximately 90% of federal workers who participate in this program do not have a charity of choice – help them with their decision!

 Dear [Name]:

I/we are writing to gain your support for the advancement of research on Gaucher Disease, the disease that took our child. 

As a federal employee, you are eligible to join the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) which will kick-off this fall.  We understand there are many qualified charities to support and encourage you to keep supporting those that touch your heart.  That said, if you do not have a favorite charity or can find even one extra dollar to donate, please consider selecting the Children’s Gaucher Research Fund — CFC # 76948.  You can sign-up through your employer or, in many cases, online.   More direct and informative online donating can easily be done through the CGRF’s new website located at www.childrensgaucher.org/

Taking this grass-roots effort one step further, we’d like you to engage your colleagues at work or even your US Postal mail delivery person (a federal employee). While the CFC receives support from roughly 30% of the federal workforce, a large portion of those contributors do not have the time to fully research donation options with the CFC.  We would like you to reassure them of CGRF’s important mission, its commitment to direct 100% of received donations towards research and of the lives they’ll touch by supporting this important cause.

We’re all swamped by mass marketing and appeals for time, money and attention.  This is a different type of appeal — one from our hearts — and we ask you to please, please join our effort.

Warmest regards,

[Your Name]