Mustard Seed Mountain
Preface by Deborah Macres

Mustard Seed Mountain<br />Preface by Deborah Macres

It was late one evening as I was reading some of the notes that often accompany donations to the CGRF.  I was captivated by one, a sweet note from Bev Little. She had written a book “Mustard Seed Mountain”, honoring her three children whose lives were cut short by Gaucher Disease.  That night I ordered the book, and by that weekend I could not put this book down. With tears rolling down my cheeks my heart connected immediately with this mother as she told her story of three precious children whose lives were lost to Gaucher Disease in the 1970’s.  This is a story of strength, courage and faith, despite some of lives most difficult obstacles (lack of financial and emotional support – failed marriage – shaken faith – and lack of knowledge about a disease that was killing her babies).

In 2011 Bev completed her book honoring her children and dedicated the proceeds to support the Children’s Gaucher Research Fund. I reached out to Bev in a phone call connecting two mother’s hearts as we have both have never given up the fight to find a cure to honor our children’s brave little lives. We both have had two very different lives; despite what resources we each had available, a cure was not in sight for our children. Their courage and our faith have inspired us to continue to fight for a cure for this terrible disease.  I encourage each one of you to order and read this book for yourself.  It is quick and easy to order on Amazon in paperback and also kindle format.

Deborah Macres R.N.
Children’s Gaucher Research Fund

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