Lysosomal Diseases and the Brain Conference

In 2004, the Children’s Gaucher Research Fund sponsored its first scientific conference titled “Lysosomal Diseases and the Brain.”

Since the success of our first conference, we’ve hosted the conference every two years, attracting medical researchers from around the world.

Download abstracts from the following “Lysosomal Diseases and the Brain” conferences:
 * 2004
 * 2006
 * 2008

The aim of the “Lysosomal Diseases and the Brain” conference is to advance the medical community’s understanding of the neurological impact of lysosomal diseases. Gaucher Disease Type 2 and Type 3 are just two of more than 20 lysosomal diseases that affect the brain and lead to death. (Learn more about GD2/3.) Since a cure for one disease may be a cure for all, the “Lysosomal Diseases and the Brain” conference is a powerful opportunity to empower research that’s relevant to a range of diseases.