Brain Conference
Atlanta, Georgia – 2012

Brain Conference<br />Atlanta, Georgia – 2012

The 2012 Brain Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, was a gathering of Brain Experts from around the world. Dr. Tony...

Parkinson’s Researchers
Attend a Gaucher Meeting

Parkinson’s Researchers<br />Attend a Gaucher Meeting<br />WHY?

The connection between Parkinson’s disease and Gaucher disease is growing stronger. No longer just a genetic...

A Meeting of the Minds
Dr. Ahad A. Rahim

A Meeting of the Minds<br />Dr. Ahad A. Rahim

Hosted by the Children’s Gaucher Research fund, Dr. Ahad A. Rahim from University College London explains the...

History of the CGRF
by Raphael Schiffmann M.D., M.HSc.

History of the CGRF<br />by Raphael Schiffmann M.D., M.HSc.

Dr. Raphael Schiffmann, Chairman of our Scientific Advisory Board, was instrumental in supporting the creation of the...

CGRF Awarded 2017
“Best In America Seal”

CGRF Awarded 2017<br />“Best In America Seal”

“Of the 1,000,000 charties operating in the United States today … fewer than 2,000 have been awarded this...

Research Update:
Tony Futerman Ph.D.

Research Update:<br />Tony Futerman Ph.D.

Dr. Tony Futerman of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel receives research funding from the Children’s...

$300,000 of Research
Funded by CGRF

$300,000 of Research <br /> Funded by CGRF

Twelve reviewers from around the world freely offered their expertise – giving of their time and knowledge to help...

CGRF Considers
$500,000 in Research

CGRF Considers<br />$500,000 in Research

Children’s Gaucher Research Fund reviews $300,000 to $600,000 in new research...

State Employee Campaigns

<br />State Employee Campaigns

State employees of California, Illinois and Virginia — you can make an impact on Gaucher research by making us your...

Gaucher Disease
Linked to Parkinson’s

Gaucher Disease<br />Linked to Parkinson’s

A link between Gaucher and Parkinson’s was first discussed at our 2006 conference. Here is an update...

Gaucher Families in the News

<br />Gaucher Families in the News

Two Gaucher families and the Children’s Gaucher Research Fund were recently featured in The Health Journal, The...

Combined Federal Campaign

<br />Combined Federal Campaign

Federal government workers can locate the CGRF under “Children’s Medical Charities of America”...

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