Our Little Princess:
Mikkey Timmer

Our Little Princess:<br />Mikkey Timmer

This is the story of our little princess Mikkey Wilhelmina Aaltje Timmer, we called her Mikkey. On June 11th, 1999 our...

A Life of Hope:
Noah Jerome Shaffer

A Life of Hope:<br />Noah Jerome Shaffer

Noah Jerome Shaffer blessed our lives with his arrival on October 5, 1999. He was a healthy 7 lbs. 91/2 oz. and...

Angel from the Beginning:
Emma Pozzobon

Angel from the Beginning:<br />Emma Pozzobon

Emma was an angel from the very beginning. When I was pregnant with her I knew she was special and was going to touch...

Our Gaurdian Angel:
Lauren Marsh

Our Gaurdian Angel:<br />Lauren Marsh

On January 24, 1991, my husband Russell and I had our first child, Lauren Gray Marsh. We will never forget the words...

Heaven Birthday:
Gregory Macres

Heaven Birthday:<br />Gregory Macres

The battle to save our son’s life was long and difficult. This battle ultimately ended with the pain of losing...

Baby Kyle:
Kyle Herrell

Baby Kyle:<br />Kyle Herrell

Kyle was born on June 22, 1993 weighing 11lbs 1oz and 23 inches long. Kyle was the picture of health. We came home...

Precious Little Miracles:
Grant and Garet Geyer

Precious Little Miracles:<br />Grant and Garet Geyer

July 1st 1999 was a very happy day. My husband Greg and I became the proud parents of seemingly healthy identical twin...

Our Angel:
Andrew Dennis Doran

Our Angel:<br />Andrew Dennis Doran

On June 27,1996, we welcomed our first child into this world, Andrew Dennis Doran, Jr. Although Drew was born with low...

Our Little Angel:
Joseph DeFacci

Our Little Angel:<br />Joseph DeFacci

Joseph Edilio DeFacci’s story begins on February 24, 1993 at 2:10 pm. Our first child came into this world...

A Visitor From Heaven:
Hannah Colwell

A Visitor From Heaven:<br />Hannah Colwell

Everything happens for a reason becomes such a common phrase when you lose a child. But, it is so terribly hard to...

Sunshine Baby:
Ryan James Conklin

Sunshine Baby:<br />Ryan James Conklin

On October 23, 1997, we welcomed our second son, Ryan James Conklin into the world. Ryan’s 2 1/2 year old...

A Heart Larger Than Life:
James Tyler Cooper

A Heart Larger Than Life:<br />James Tyler Cooper

I believe God answers all our prayers in ways he sees fit. It seems to me that I never really questioned his answers...

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