Your generosity is our strength.

CGRF’S enduring commitment is to find a cure for the children struggling with Gaucher Disease. This is why CGRF is completely volunteer-run. 100% of every dollar we receive goes to medical research. Not salaries. Not organizational overhead. But directly to the fund to find a cure. All administrative needs are donated or paid for by the founders. We could not have achieved all that we have on our quest to find a cure without the incredible generosity of our contributors.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many individuals who have gone above and beyond in donating their time and talent to the Children’s Gaucher Research Fund.

Carol Black-Wagonner – Time & Talent

It wasn’t enough that year after year Carol is the Chairman and “chief organizer” of the Coldwell Banker Charity Golf tournament. When she heard in August of 2003 that we were thinking of breaking new ground with the “Lysosomal Diseases and the Brain” conference she was the first to stand up and take charge. As both tournament chairwoman and conference coordinator, Carol has been superb! We thank you for your endless hours of dedication to the Children’s Gaucher Research Fund.

Jack B.Daw, C.P.A – Time & Talent
655 Skyway Road, Suite 207
San Carlos, CA 94070-2711

Jack handles all state and federal tax returns for the Children’s Gaucher Research Fund free of charge.

David Duran – Time & Talent

David created and maintains our custom Access Database. In addition David inspired us to create, and he programmed our new 2010 website. Mony months of planning – countless hours of effort – free of charge. We thank him for pushing us along, for thinking toward the future in the design of the website, and for offering his invaluable insight. All families affected by Gaucher disease say to David – “Thank You”.

Bev Knowland – Time & Talent

You can imagine the busy schedule of a top-rated, full-service multimedia company in Silicon Valley. But this didn’t stop Bev from agreeing to find the time to create a design and generate all of the artwork for the original Children’s Gaucher Research Fund web site. We thank you Bev for your endless patience, thoughtful ideas, and outstanding talent.

Debbie Kohnstamm – Time & Talent

In the Spring, 1999, we received an unsolicited telephone call from Debbie Kohnstamm, an Independent Marketing Consultant. Debbie suggested we create a Web Site for the Children’s Gaucher Research Fund. We thanked Debbie, and told her that time, and funds, prevented us from creating a Web Site. Debbie replied, “You don’t understand, I will take on the challenge, I will create a Web Site committee, we can make this happen.” You guessed it, free of charge. Debbie was responsible for our initial website presence in the year 2000.

Kyle Krajewski – Time & Talent

Sometimes when you ask for help you are pleasantly surprised. This is what happened when we asked Kyle if he would help launch the CGRF in 1999 . Kyle created our original color scheme and the original CGRF Logo that we continue to use today. Kyle has donated his gift of time and talent. His marketing savvy, creative ideas, and endless hours of work have helped to promote our efforts to find a cure. All of course, free of charge.

Robert McCall – Time & Talent
RPM Printed and Filing Products
155 Blossom Hill Road
San Jose, California 95123

As you are aware, 100% of every donation goes to medical research. This commitment to our donors has made it imperative that we keep administrative costs as low as possible. Robert provides high quality, professional printing services, free of charge.We Thank You Robert McCall.

Julie Ritter – Time & Talent
SpiraLinks Corporation
1682 Dell Avenue,
Campbell, California 95008

When we called to ask Julie if SpiraLinks would consider taking on the programming of our originial Web site, the words, “Yes, We will make the time” were out of her mouth before she even knew what the Children’s Gaucher Research Fund was all about. Since that time, the SpiraLinks team has put in countless programming hours for which we are extremely grateful. We thank everyone at SpiraLinks for giving us the same high-quality service and fast response time they provide when building web-enabled applications for their start-up and Fortune 500 clients.

Elka Eastly Vera – Time & Talent

As you know, 100% of donations go to research, therefore funds for administrative needs are scarce. But after ten years we could delay no longer – it was time to create a new website for the CGRF – a mind-boggling amount of planning and execution. WOW, did we find the right person to captain this ship! Elka managed this huge project with hard work, extraordinary talent, incredible insight, and a whip that would crack to keep everyone on task. Not only did she do a superb job managing this project, she dove into the emotional details. She understood the cause – she understood the families – she became embroiled in our passion. We could not have done it without her!